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Audio Companions Are a Go-To CME Tool for Physicians

Posted by Dean Celia

Jul 27th 2020

It may seem as if there is never a good time to earn continuing medical education credit. Practicing medicine is a busy, stressful endeavor. Full days of patient appointments are often followed by late afternoons and evenings of paperwork and EMR entries. What little free time is left you hope to spend with family, friends, or perhaps a good book. It’s natural to procrastinate -- until you’re faced with a looming CME deadline. On top of it all, your CME options may be limited due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced the cancellation of live medical conferences.

Is there an easy way to overcome these hurdles? To earn CME no matter how busy you are? To avoid procrastinating? To replace a canceled conference with something reliable and trustworthy? Fortunately, there is. For years, many of your peers have received CME credits from one of Oakstone Medical Publishing’s acclaimed audio companion CME courses. Oakstone has partnered with top medical institutions to bring written content to life. There are audio companions for internists (based on the American College of Physicians’ Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program), surgeons (based on the American College of Surgeons’ Surgical Education Self-Assessment Program), and those who treat older individuals (based on the American Geriatrics Society’s Geriatrics Review Syllabus). You can take these audio companion CME courses anywhere and learn anytime – at your own pace. And you get online CME credit along the way from renown medical societies.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what your peers are saying.

MKSAP Audio: A CME Course That Makes the Most of ‘Windshield Time’

“I was looking for a way to productively use my ‘windshield time’ commuting to and from the clinic,” explains Prentiss Taylor, MD, FACP, attending physician at Advocate Christ Hospital in the Chicago area, a long-time subscriber to the MKSAP Audio Companion. Dr. Taylor says he appreciates the clinical vignettes presented by host Donald, Deye, MD. He finds the discussions so compelling that “sometimes I spend time at red lights writing down key points that I pick up.”

Greg Burke, MD, of Danville, PA agrees. “I really like the interchange Don Deye has with the expert faculty.” The MKSAP audio online CME resource also helps clinicians who do not practice internal medicine day to day. “I’m a radiation oncologist,” says Steven Gregoritch, MD, PhD, FACP, FACRO, who practices in Seneca, PA and is double boarded in oncology and internal medicine. “I don’t work in internal medicine regularly, so I don’t get that regular reinforcement. I used MKSAP Audio Companion as my primary means of preparing for recertification, and I did it!”

He’s not the only one. Says Bertha S Ayi, MD, of Clinton, MD: “I’m an infectious disease specialist, and it's important for me to stay up-to-date with all fields of general internal medicine. I would highly recommend MKSAP Audio Companion for any internal medicine physician who wants to keep up to date and get a lot of information in a short period of time.”

MKSAP 18 Internal Medicine CME

SESAP Audio: Board Prep for Residents and a Must-Have Tool for Community Practice

“As a resident, it is often difficult to study and keep up with the most recent literature,” says Melissa Meghpara, DO, who is based in New York. “SESAP audio allows me to listen to lectures on my commute with ease while presenting the most up to date information. It is also an excellent companion to the SESAP questions to help with my board studying.”

Meanwhile, Michael Burchett, DO, of Silvis, IL, calls SESAP Audio Companion “a great resource for learning while driving that is a must for me in community practice.  The CME is great as well.” And Caren Wilkie, MD, of Daytona Beach, FL, points to SESAP audio’s “concise practical material to focus and prepare for board exams.I highly recommend it.”

SESAP 17 Surgery CME


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