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  • Get updates in liability prevention and protection, along with guidance on courtroom preparation and effectiveness. Ideal CME for all specialties.
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    Key Topics in Risk Management CME Risk Management for Medical Practitioners focuses on the major risk management areas and legal pitfalls encountered in everyday practice and on enduring principles and strategies for managing these risks. This...

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    Earn up to 13.50 CME credits

  • Improve overall knowledge and enhance patient outcomes with this online CME program detailing the latest guidelines and therapeutic strategies in critical care medicine. Ideal for MOC.
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    Enhance Your Critical Care Knowledge with Online CME The Brigham Board Review in Critical Care Medicine is case-based, online continuing medical education focused on improving overall knowledge and clinical competency. Earn CME credits and ABIM...

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    Earn up to 28.25 CME credits | ABIM

  • A comprehensive CME board review program covering the challenges and crucial medical areas in a hospitalized patient's continuum of care.
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    Get the Latest Guidelines with Online CME With 25+ one-hour lectures, Hospital Medicine Review will help you develop expertise in complex, hospital-level care, which can translate into decreased length of stay, overall quality improvement,...

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    Earn up to 25.25 CME credits

  • Get expert advice and clinical guidance on performing, interpreting, reporting, and archiving echocardiograms with this online cardiology CME program.
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    Learn the Latest Guidelines with Online Cardiology CME Oakstone's Echocardiography – A Comprehensive Review provides an extensive, in-depth overview of all modalities of echocardiography used in the evaluation and management of patients...

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    Earn up to 31.75 CME credits | ABIM

  • CMEinfo Insider helps you stay current in your primary specialty. Plus research and learn from other medical specialties while earning unlimited CME credits.
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    Exclusive Access. Guaranteed Success. Medical professionals like you asked us to help them save time and money — so we developed CMEinfo Insider.   Stay current on cutting edge content in your primary specialty, with a limitless...

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    Earn unlimited CME credits | ABIM | AAFP | ANCC

  • Practical Reviews is a fast, effective way to stay on top of new medical information and earn online CME. Featuring expert audio, text commentary and relevant clinical tips, articles are hand-selected from leading medical and dental journals across 20+ specialties.
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    Get Connected: NEW APP NOW AVAILABLE! Practical Reviews is just that — practical, expert reviews of the most significant articles from the top medical journals. This time-saving information management tool helps you understand...

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    Earn unlimited CME credits | ABIM | AAFP | ANCC | ABS | ABPath

  • Explore practical approaches and solutions to common general surgery challenges with this dynamic audio “how-to” covering all 13 SESAP® 17 categories.
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    Effective Learn-by-Listening Resource Join host and SESAP Program Director John A. Wiegelt, MD, DVM, MMA, as he leads sharply focused discussions of urgent clinical issues in each of the 13 key SESAP categories. Interviewees are SESAP authors,...


    Earn up to 25.00 CME credits | ABS

  • This audio self-assessment program delivers practical, proven tips for mitigating the biggest medicolegal risks in health care today.
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    Learn from Risk Management Experts You'll discover key strategies for protecting both your patients and your practice with this series of in-depth audio discussions focused on important topics in risk management and health care ethics. Led by...


    Earn up to 14.00 CME credits | ANCC

  • Learn how effective teamwork, management, and communication by the perioperative team positively impacts patient care and outcome.
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    Key Topics in Perioperative Management CME UPMC Perioperative Management Update provides anesthesiologists and perioperative care team members with an up-to-date review of common topics that may not be encountered in daily practice.   This...

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    Earn up to 22.25 CME credits

  • Learn sepsis risk factors, causes of ventilator-associated pneumonia, and more with this detailed look at anesthesiology and patient management in the ICU.
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    Elevate Your ICU Anesthesiology CME From the University of Pittsburgh Regional Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine: Complete Review Series. Professional, Business, and OR Management Issues focuses on optimizing safety and productivity...

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    Earn up to 7.75 CME credits

  • A unique look at the mistakes and conclusions of clinicians with decades of patient care experience in varied clinical environments.
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    Expert Clinicians Share Lessons Learned from Medical Mishaps What My Mistakes Taught Me is a truly unique and illuminating online CME program. In 22 one-hour lectures, physicians from different areas of medicine and surgery discuss the...


    Earn up to 19.00 CME credits

  • Improve outcomes and manage costs with informed risk assessment, shared decision making, prehabilitation, POCUS, and more.
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        Elevate Your ICU Anesthesiology CME From the University of Pittsburgh Regional Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine: Complete Review Series. Special Topics in Perioperative Medicine is an online CME program targeting the...

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    Earn up to 7.00 CME credits