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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Oakstone

Posted by Jordan P Roberts, PA-C, co-founder of Modern MedEd

Aug 30th 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Oakstone

I’ve answered the question “why choose Oakstone?” before, but today I want to expand on my argument. That’s why in this post, we’ll break down the top ten reasons why I think Oakstone should be your next choice when it comes to CME.

1. Wide Variety of Medical and Surgical Specialties

Oakstone’s medical library is colossal. There are 34 specialties covered across their CME activities. CMEinfo Insider offers complete access to 19 specialties. There’s something for everyone.

2. Earn CME Credits and MOC Points Easily

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get all your CME credits and MOC points you need and prep for the boards, all at once.

3. Well-Suited for Mixed Modes of Learning (eg, mixed media formats)

If you’re the kind of person who needs variety to stay engaged, Oakstone makes the quintessential CME for you. Choose from audio CME, recorded videos and lectures, as well as conversational journal summaries with supplementary reading.

4. Prepare for Boards

No matter what board exam you have coming up, Oakstone has a comprehensive review from top experts to get you through it.

5. Pass your Boards Guarantee

On the off chance that you don’t pass your boards on the first attempt after studying with Oakstone, you’ll be covered. Oakstone offers a full credit of your purchase price, which you can apply to future Oakstone study materials.

6. High Quality, Up to Date Content

This almost goes without saying, but here it is anyway: The content is high quality, actionable, and worth every second. Plus, it is updated often enough to always be on the cutting edge.

7. Ongoing Content Updates for Most Programs

Oakstone introduces new content and updates their current library frequently. My recommendation to take advantage of this is CMEinfo Insider. You get full access to the current library, plus free updates for up to three years.

8. New Programs Introduced Frequently

Oakstone has dozens of single topic CME activities from which to choose. New programs like The Brigham and Dana-Farber Board Review and Comprehensive Update in Hematology, Risk Management for Medical Practitioners, and more are constantly popping up.

9. Extremely Cost-Effective

Traveling to a CME conference will run you thousands of dollars once you account for conference registration, plane tickets, accommodations, and meals. Many of Oakstone’s CME and board prep options cost a fraction of that, and award more CME credits or MOC points than most conferences. And with multi-year subscriptions, the cost-effectiveness is even greater.

10. Earn CME and Gift Card Rewards

As an added bonus, Oakstone makes sure you get the most out of your CME stipend each year. Because of the “use it or lose” nature of this expense account, a CME product that comes with a free gift card can help you effectively roll your funds over from one year to the next. My recommendation? CMEinfo Insider.


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