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How to find hassle free CME

Posted by Jordan P Roberts, PA-C, co-founder of Modern MedEd

Nov 10th 2021

Ever wish you could quickly find a niche CME activity without having to dig through heaps of potentially irrelevant results? Or worse, spend your precious CME money on a course that isn’t right for you?

It seems that just about every day, a colleague or someone on a clinician-centric social media group is asking for CME recommendations on [you name it]. Your practice is unique, even within your specialty, making your CME needs also unique.

Maybe you need psychopharmacology CME, want to brush up on orthopaedics for the primary care setting, or want the latest updates in critical care medicine.

If you are a clinician who enjoys learning topics in multiple subspecialties, this might sound familiar. You also have a familiar problem: finding the right CME program.

A great CME subscription is one thing. However, you probably don’t want to spend 100 hours earning 100 CME credits, only two of which are applicable to your patients.

Doubtful you want to enroll in and sit through twenty separate half-credit activities for each topic. Especially if you have to travel for any of them.

When you need to create your own syllabus from scratch, every micro decision shunts mental energy away from your educational experience. And as someone who organizes CME events as part of professional volunteering, I can tell you there is an incomprehensible number of micro decisions involved. That’s fine if we have the same job, but way less fine if it’s an obligation.

That's why I encourage you to think of Oakstone the next time you want world-class educational content covering opioid prescribing, breast imaging, hospital medicine, or any other niche CME topic you want to learn.

Of course, no CME provider can be good at literally everything. However, Oakstone’s selection of individual CME activities is really unlike any other out there.

The substance of each topic is clear before you even purchase, so you can be sure it's relevant to you. Each topic awards +/- a dozen CME credits, simplifying the logging process. The activities are engaging, offering a variety of media formats and well-known expert faculty.

Oakstone also has a history of an obvious focus on quality and ease of use for busy clinicians. This is why I am confident recommending Oakstone’s single topic CME to you, my colleagues, and my students. And of course, I will continue using them myself.


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