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Setting boundaries to avoid burnout

Posted by Renee Cocchi on Aug 23rd 2022

Physicians are prone to burnout, due to the very nature of who they tend to be: Self-critical perfectionists who are focused, compassionate and people pleasers. Those cha … read more

Top 10 Reasons to Choose CMEinfo Insider

Posted by Jordan P Roberts, PA-C, co-founder of Modern MedEd on Aug 22nd 2022

One of my favorite CME products from Oakstone is CMEinfo Insider. I’ll give you ten reasons why. 1. Access Your Specialty … read more

How to Get CME Credit Online

Posted by Emma James-Wilson on Aug 16th 2022

Earning CME credits with Oakstone CME is easy! We’ll show you how to get CME credit from all our program options, including subscriptions and single-topic CME. … read more

How to Get CME Credits Fast

Posted by Emma James-Wilson on Jul 26th 2022

As a busy medical professional, your continuing education can sometimes take a backseat to day-to-day responsibilities. Here is how to get CME credits fast. … read more

What’s the Difference Between CE and CME?

Posted by Emma James-Wilson on Jul 1st 2022

Medical professionals must pursue continuing education each year. This is easier when you understand the difference between CE and CME requirements. … read more