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Top 10 Reasons to Choose CMEinfo Insider

Posted by Jordan P Roberts, PA-C, co-founder of Modern MedEd

Aug 22nd 2022

One of my favorite CME products from Oakstone is CMEinfo Insider. I’ll give you 10 reasons why.

1. Access Your Specialty Plus 14 Others

CMEinfo Insider has an enormous library of high-quality CME content in 15 specialties. Choose your main specialty and study confidently knowing you have full access to the rest of medicine.

2. Earn All Your CME for Up to 3 years

This is one of my favorite things about Insider. There is so much content, with frequent updates, too, that you effectively earn unlimited CME credits for as long as your membership is active.

3. Get CME More Cost Effective than Almost any Conference

A three-year membership costs less than $1,000 a year, which is a fraction of most CME stipends. Because you pay upfront, you now have more funds freed up for next year.

4. Learn from Trusted Medical Experts

Oakstone partners with prestigious institutions and specialists at the top of their field to make Insider happen. You’ll find content from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and more.

5. Stay Up to Date on the Latest Guidelines

CMEinfo Insider has concise, easy to consume guideline summaries in both written and audio format. Perfect for those times when you need to do a quick look up or to review when you are driving to and from work.

6. Earn CME and Prep for Boards at the Same Time

Oakstone makes it easy to knock out multiple obligations at the same time. Insider also comes with a convenient CME tracker so you don’t have to worry about losing any certificates.

7. Free Content Updates Every Month or More

New content is added to Insider at least once a month. In my experience, I noticed content updates and new CME materials being added every two to three weeks.

8. One of the Best CME Subscriptions Available

Because you pay upfront for up to three years of CME access, Insider is one of the most cost-effective and long-term value-adding CME services available.

9. Earn CME and Get a Free Amazon Gift Card*

For those with an employer-sponsored CME stipend, this makes CMEinfo Insider one of the best CME with gift card offers out there. A one-year membership comes with a $1,000 gift card, a two-year membership comes with a $1,500 gift card, and a three-year membership comes with a whopping $3,000 gift card. (*When gift card promotion is offered.)

10. Choose a Discount Instead

For those paying out of pocket, it might make more sense to purchase CMEinfo Insider with the generous discount, which is comparable to the value of the gift card.


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