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Best practices for transitioning hospitalized patients back to the community

Posted by Dean Celia on Aug 11th 2021

Transitioning hospitalized patients back into the community health setting is important for hospitalists and office-based primary care clinicians. This is especially true in an era when ho … read more

Dyslipidemia Management: Role of Non-Statins

Posted by Dean Celia on May 28th 2021

A pharmacist, primary care clinician, and cardiologist discuss the role of PCSK9 inhibitors in the management of dyslipidemia in primary care practice. They address when to use them, proper patient … read more

Keys to Being a Successful Hospitalist and Understanding Hospital Length of Stay

Apr 15th 2020

*Editor's Note: This article was written before the COVID-19 pandemic. The views expressed here are not reflective of those atypical hospital scenarios.  What hot topics and best practice … read more

A Q&A on Hospital Medicine Trends and 2020 Developments

Mar 22nd 2020

What hot topics and best practices in hospital medicine can you expect to hear more about in 2020 and beyond? We asked two experts for their take. Benjamin Frizner, MD, MBA, is Medical Direct … read more